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Hair styling

Our team of hairstylists and colorists are seasoned professionals and true artists. They give personal attention to each and every client which allows them to provide high quality haircuts and color. This team does beautiful ombre color, rich, shiny single process gray coverage and sun-kissed, healthy highlights. Precision bobs, keratin treatments and, of course, long-lasting blow dries are all specialties offered by this talented team.


Long or short, curly or straight, up do or down, special occasion, extension, all over color, highlights, corrective color, whatever your look or need we have the stylist for you.


Hands and feet are among the hardest-most visible parts of the body. Protect and pamper them to keep them looking great. We offer you a comprehensive treatment which helps to improve the condition and appearance of your hands and feet.

Our manicure and pedicure services are guaranteed to soothe and relax.

Technicians begin your manicure and pedicure with meticulous attention to your cuticles. You will enjoy a relaxing hand and foot massage and finish with the perfect polish application in the color of your choice.


Our foot which bears the weight of the whole body, allows locomotion and does a lot of work. Still they are the least pampered part of the body. To pamper your feet and keep them strong and flexible, reflexology is a recommended option among with Deep tissue massage that treats pains and aches such as headaches, migraines, neck pain, lower and upper backaches.


We strive to make your waxing safe, pleasant and comfortable as possible. Whether this is your first time or you are a veteran waxing client we want you to know ad experience the best practices of waxing.

We practice the highest standards of health and safety to protect our clients.

threading and tinting

Beautiful eyebrow start with professional shaping.

Your eyebrows frame your eyes and enhance the natural beauty of your face. Perfectly shaped brows can do more for your beauty than almost any cosmetic you can buy.

Everyone is unique, and so are eyebrows, allow our professionals to come up with the best eyebrow for you.

We will make your brow and eyelashes tinted take the center stage and light up your face.